Full name

Anneris Erica Kondratas




United States


Anneris Erica Kondratas was born on September 20th, 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She spent most of his childhood in Ing. Maschwitz. From an early age she began practicing and perfecting her drawing, motivated by her father. In 2003 she began studying Bachelor of Visual Arts, where she studied the various branches of art. Anneris found in engraving and painting an incredible variety of techniques that motivated her imagination and that’s how she started perfecting her artistic productions. During 2005 she started to work in the study of artistic anatomy with the Professor Juan Domingo Herrera. Her artistic production was very influenced by the Art Nouveau. Visual textures coexisting with sensual and provocative images. Symbolic details in her paintings has driven her away from the Western world and led her towards a new space. She began working with elements of Chinese and Japanese cultures, carried away by the a esthetic and narrative possibilities of these new elements. She gradually abandoned this unilateral interpretation and spontaneously generated a new universe where the mystical, dreamlike and magical, live in a special way, giving rise to multiple interpretations and points of view for her work.


July 2011 Illustrations for the magazine "Sentido Figurado" (Spain)
Jan 2011 Illustrations of the Book "Conversaciones entre Muertos" Editorial 13X13 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Aug 2010 Participation and presentation of work in "Baleros Intervenidos" (Santa Fé, Argentina)
June 2010 Publication of Work in "Dangerous Art" (Web)
November 2009 Solo exhibition of paintings in “IUNA Transdepartamental area” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Sep 2008 Exhibition of paintings “Tesoros de Ludivina” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
July 2008 Exhibition of paintings in “Tipo-Casa”- (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mar 2008 Exhibition of paintings in Alternative Space “Código-Rock”-( Buenos Aires, Argentina)
July 2007 Publication of works in the magazine "Helarte" (Spain).
November 2007 Exhibition of drawings at “Quinta el Ombú” (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
December 2004 Exhibition of acrylic paintings at “Salon Tango” (Buenos Aires, Argentina).